The English Premier League has steadily increased it’s stake in American support with the widespread coverage of the league in the American market.  Initially the most recognizable clubs were Manchester United, Liverpool and even Arsenal, all whom hit the ground running by gaining supporters outside of England.  Man United of course probably being the most successful of all English football has a more spread out legion of supporters across the United States, Asia, Africa and so forth.  In recent years however the money that’s been pumped into the league has given it more exposure as clubs big and small have travelled overseas for pre season tours in order to gain a bigger fan base while making a few quid off their travels.
I write this to you as I’m on a plane headed from Houston, Texas to New York City, the first of 3 stops for myself and many Chelsea faithful in this country.  Now of course we’re not silly enough to believe the quality of football during this summer tour will equate to that of in form EPL play, but it’s the next best thing for many who aren’t able to travel to England to see their clubs.  I for one am fortunate to make the trip across the pond to watch my club play, but when a summer tour arises well that’s just the perfect recipe for vacation, boozing, and showing the American supporter just what English support is all about.
Chelsea are likely to make a nice profit off of their North American tour, and people like myself are contributing to that.  Take into account the airfare spent to travel between four cities, the lodging, the food, and of course the endless amounts of alcohol which my liver has carefully been prepped for.  The outsider sees what Chelsea, Man United and many others do as an excuse for a quick buck, but in all actuality folks like myself see it as that time of year where many of us who are friends from many regions of this country and England, get to see each other for a few days and make memories.  During the summer tours many of us see it as a reunion of sorts, while during that time making new friends.  We all know the football won’t be grand, and of course our money is partially funding the tour, but who cares really?
The joint efforts of many Chelsea FC supporters groups based in North America has made it possible to have past legends join us at the pub, and during the matches telling us their stories.  For me it’s nothing new as I’ve been fortunate to share a pint with many of Chelsea’s elite, but for some it’s a dream come true.  These moments will be a memory which they will forever cherish and hold dear to their hearts.  For some it may be the only time they are able to watch Chelsea play live due to their inability to travel to London for whatever reason.  Whatever it may be, what EPL clubs have done in recent years is the successful road to a prolonged success for the 20 teams in the top division.

As I’m on my way to New York chugging away on a cold beer I look forward to seeing old friends, and meeting new ones.  I look forward to see my old friend and club legend Bobby Tambling, and being able to share a pint with Neil “Spy” Barnett, who always has a story to make me laugh.  I look forward to the sea of Royal Blue which will overtake Legends before the match, and Red Bull Arena. 

So for those of you who despise what England’s clubs are doing by making money in their pre season abroad, JUST DEAL WITH IT AND SIT DOWN.  There are only 19 days left till the beginning of the new season, and your life will be back to normal.  I’ll make sure to have a pint in your honor in New York, hoping that your negative soul uses it’s energy for something more relevant.  NEW YORK CITY, CHARLOTTE  NORTH CAROLINA, AND WASHINGTON D.C……HERE  I COME. 



So many of you have asked, "What is the benefit of me becoming a True Blue member?"
Well let's put it simply for those of you who may have never been a TB member.  True Blue is a membership which our club uses to make it easier for loyal members to purchase home matchday tickets.  Yes, you may be saying that you can get tickets for Chelsea matches through a third party supplier.  However, with that third party supplier you're paying extra on a ticket that doesn't give you loyalty points, and more than once will be situated somewhere in the high tiers of the stadium.

True Blue is the only way you can actually get tickets, while building loyalty points for bigger matches, and it also makes you a recognized member of the club.  We as the Bayou City Blues are an independent group who are recognized by Chelsea FC.  Anyone who is a paid member of our group that also becomes a True Blue will have easy access to tickets at Stamford Bridge through our organization.

LINK FOR TRUE BLUE   http://www.chelseafc.com/tickets-membership/true-blue-membership.html

Now you maybe saying, "Jesus, I don't even think I'll be able to make it over to London this season for a match so why should I spend the money on becoming a True Blue member?"
The upside to our members becoming True Blues is that it helps our chapter grow significantly through Chelsea's different tier network.  Our chapter last season nearly missed being a Platinum level club which is the highest you can go.  Any and all members of a Platinum level club are entitled to other tickets which may be difficult to purchases such as league cup semifinals, Champions League away etc.  The more True Blue members a chapter has the better the access to high profile matches.

What about Loyalty Points? – You may have heard that Chelsea membership operates on something called Loyalty Points.  Rougly speaking, LP measure your commitment as a supporter.  You get them for every game you attend, more so for less popular games.  In order to buy tickets, you need a certain amount of LP.  They’re not used up – once you have 5 LPs, you may attend as many games that require 5 LPs as you like.  Here’s the thing – as an international supporter, you’re not expected to accumulate dozens and dozens of LPs.  5 is all you need to attend any game covered under this scheme.  And you get 5 bonus LPs just for signing up for TB membership by July 31st.  Therefore, we strongly urge anyone who may use their membership for tickets to sign up prior to this date.

The purpose of True Blue in the end is a benefit for those traveling to London for matches, but it also helps our chapter grow which to me is the most important thing of all.  Even if you don't plan on visiting London this season signup for one of the lower priced True Blue memberships, and help us grow to the next level.

Once any of you become an official True Blue please make sure to send me your email from Chelsea FC which will have a confirmation plus your True Blue membership number.

So are we clear on the objectives?  Have any questions? I'm sure you do so feel free to reach out to me on twitter @bayoucityblues or my personal acct @PP_CFC1905.
Email your questions and True Blue confirmations to bayoucityblues@gmail.com

Can't wait to see you all on the summer tour or at the pub for this season's matches.......KTBFFH

That time of year has come again, and with the upcoming CFC Summer Tour, the beginning of the EPL season will soon be upon us.  Of course with every new season we add new members to our already big BCB family.  So now it's time for you signup and become an official 2015-2016 Bayou City Blues member!

The BCB's are entering their fifth season as a chapter, but only our second as an independently ran group recognized by Chelsea.  This year's paid members are in for a treat as we are sending member packets for the first time with a gift to welcome you to this season's family. Now of course many will ask what is the benefit of paying $10 to be a member when you could simply just show up anyways at the pub for matches.  Will when it comes to CFC summer tours, events etc the club requires all people to be members of  chapter in order to receive discounted tickets and other planned deals.  Plus the more members our chapter has the better our relationship with the club becomes.

We are currently working on a gift for all paid members, but as soon as it is finalized we will be sending packets out ASAP.  Make sure when you signup with the link attached that you not only include you name but also your address, phone number, and DOB.

All paid BCB members will also be eligible for our 2016 Spring Trip to London which is still in the works.  So many other benefits to being a member, but of course feel free to ask me anything in regards to your membership.  Thank you all for making the BCBs the greatest family around!


  The ability to carry momentum into a match against one of your biggest rivals is only mastered by those that are led by great men. In Chelsea and Liverpool you not only have two clubs who are led by gritty managers. Most importantly the men wearing the armband for each club are legends in their own right, and are the creation of the football Gods which may never be replicated. Welcome to Chelsea vs Liverpool. A rivalry which grows with each encounter, and of course with each Jose Mourinho comment towards most likely, his most hated rival.

  It may not be the 2008 Champions League semifinal, but this Tuesday evenings first leg in Merseyside will of course produce drama and action. Brendan Rodgers had a slow start to his season with Liverpool, but since their 3-0 loss in December vs Manchester United, Liverpool have been on an 8 match unbeaten streak which included a 2 all draw vs Arsenal. With the announcement that Kop legend Steven Gerrard would be leaving after 17 seasons, the news only motivated Liverpool to send their captain out on a high note.....champions or not. It has led Gerrard himself to pour his soul into his club for one last stretch in hopes of winning their most likely of all silverware this term. 

  This reason is exactly why Chelsea must not pursue this match up as easy entry into the final. Although Jose Mourinho's men are top of the English Premier League, the Capital One Cup gives Liverpool a chance to eradicate their poor run versus the Blues, and make a statement for glory.

  Eight time winners of the league cup, Liverpool have emphatically set themselves up for “internal” glory, and a means to fight for a top 4 spot in the EPL. Some Chelsea fans have already planned ahead for a potential final vs Tottenham, but if Gerrard has anything to say about it, he'll heroically lead his team to no less than a great 2 leg performance.....win or go home. 
Brendan Rodgers may not be Jose Mourinho, but he most definitely is a man of character and calibre. The pressure isn't on him or his club, and that alone is a positive factor going into this match. It is Chelsea who are favorites, and it is Chelsea who are expected to win it all considering the remaining 4 teams. All Brendan Rodgers has to do is continue what he has done in the last 6 weeks. Send your club out to play, allow them to play free. Let Gerrard dictate the tempo, and with the likes of Raheem Sterling, Jordan Henderson and even Phillipe Coutinho, Liverpool just may head to Stamford Bridge with a favorable advantage. 

  I for one am Chelsea born and Chelsea bred, and will never go against my club, especially against a most hated rival such as Liverpool. However, the world of football is non ethical and no longer follows a pattern. Instead this world in this enviorment, with such a great storyline may create a fairy tale more so than a headline on the front page of the Daily Mail. A knight in red will lead his men into battle vs Goliath, and with the Gods against him he just may prove that everyone is mortal. This is the perfect storyline in this perfect semifinal in the final year of Steven Gerrard. So to John Terry I say this. Lead your men knowing you won't come out unharmed. Expect a battle to the end. First it's 90 minutes, then it will be 180. Show your grit, show your leadership, show your love for winning in blue. Most importantly, show your respect for a well deserved enemy. Don't take him lightly. Don't show arrogance. Don't allow your team to fall into the trap. Your story isn't over John Terry, but this chapter in Gerrard's career almost is. 


The first week of December is here, and to begin the final month of 2014 Chelsea's fixtures have not only become congested....they've become the most important thus far this season.  After a hard fought draw away to Sunderland over the weekend, Manchester City has put pressure on the Blue's top of the table lead by masterminding a 3-0 win over title rivals Southampton.  The resurgence of the Citizens has put them on the radar, as many believe this could be Chelsea's title to lose if valuable points are dropped over the course of 31 days.  The northeast of England has typically not been kind to Chelsea, and with Newcastle awaiting on Saturday, St. James' Park could possibly become the site of another upset.

This brings me to my next point, and the most important 3 points our club could win thus far this term.  With Tottenham coming to Stamford Bridge on Wednesday evening a London Derby win could provide some cushioning for the Blues if points are to be dropped in any form away to Newcastle over the weekend.  The obvious solution to avoid such methods is of course to win at St. James' Park as well, but history is a tricky little bugger when it comes to repeating itself for the West London club. 

Tottenham are coming off a much needed win at home over Everton, but haven't impressed much versus top competition this season.  Manger Mauricio Pochettino has already called Chelsea out saying that his club's momentum at the moment can easily take down any giant.  However, his club's last visit to Stamford Bridge proved less than impressive as they walked away 4-0 losers with goals from Samuel Eto'o, Eden Hazard, and a brace from Demba Ba.  The other little fact remains that Tottenham have not won at Stamford Bridge since Gary Lineker scored the winner in a 2-1 Spurs victory back in February of 1990.  To top off the demise of Tottenham's record versus Chelsea in that 24 year era, Spurs have only managed to win 5 and draw 20 out of 58 matches.  A record which boasts Chelsea's 33 wins in that timespan surely giving the hosts a boost of confidence needed to take away a win.  In order for Chelsea to even remotely come close to losing, the likes of Nacer Chadli and Harry Kane will have to contend with Chelsea's center back duo of John Terry and Gary Cahill, and that's only if they can get past Nemanja Matic.   Christian Eriksen must contend with Branislav Ivanovic while Aaron Lennon would need all the talent of the God's to squeeze past either Cesar Azpilicueta or Felipe Luis.  Either lineup Tottenham put up it will be inferior to Chelsea's, and even with Diego Costa out, the likes of Loic Remy or Didier Drogba are more than capable of breaking down a weakened and slow Spurs defense.  Drogba could be the key as he has scored 3 times and assisted 4 in his last 8 EPL matches vs our North London rivals.

Assuming the 3 points are secured versus Tottenham, we must create a different game plan and lineup to be able to dismantle a Newcastle club which before their weekend loss to West Ham, were on a bit of  a streak. If this match had been played earlier in the season the concern may not be there for Jose Mourinho's men, but Alan Pardew has done something remarkable with his club over the past couple of months and the rest of the league is on alert.  Chelsea have not won at St. James' Park since December of 2011, and their last 2 visits to Tyneside have been remembered as disappointment and poor football from the Blues. With the recent lack of success in the northeast Chelsea must look to change a plan, and study the flaws West Ham exposed versus the Magpies in their 1-0 win.  The atmosphere at St. James' Park is amongst the best, and Chelsea must look not to be intimidated especially since so much could ride on the result depending on how Manchester City perform.  There won't be much of an attack this time around causing havoc for Chelsea's backline with the likes of Ayoze Perez and Pappis Cisse taking the charge, and of course there's the obvious leaky defense.  Jack Colback could be their central defensive midfield hero, but it will depend on the likes of fullbacks Daryl Janmaat & Massadio Haidara to cut down the runs of our wingers.  If Mourinho can utilize his wingers to create space and havoc on each side, Newcastle may not be able to replicate the huge defensive stance that Sunderland were able to this past Saturday, and this could be our midfield's chance to create.  Not to mention goalkeeper Tim Krul is out, and Robert Elliot just doesn't compare to his Dutch superior between the woodwork. 

Mark Noble was successful in helping West Ham breakdown Newcastle due to the fact that he was able to find spaces where he not only distributed the ball, but gave the likes of midfielders Stewart Downing and Morgan Amalfitano room to move, and attack the final 3rd.  This gave West Ham leftback Aaron Cresswell the ability to attack Yoan Gouffran who had a less than stellar performance for Newcastle.  With either Gouffran or Remy Cabella getting the start on the right of Newcastle's midfield, Azpilicueta will be able to push forward creating more attention which will allow for Eden Hazard to move freely with Oscar.  With Diego Costa back, his physical presence will cause more concern for Alan Pardew, and in the end Chelsea could finally break the hex which has damaged their last 2 seasons.

Let's not forget Manchester City play Sunderland this Wednesday at The Stadium of Light, and they have not won in their last 5 visits, with Sunderland having won 4 and the 5th ending in a draw.  If the Black Cats can carry the momentum of their weekend draw with Chelsea then they are sure to cause the Citizens to drop points.  In a perfect world this would benefit our club, but in the EPL nothing nor history is ever guaranteed.  This has become Chelsea's most important week of the season.  The only thing stopping them is well......themselves.

BCB's, as some of you may already know this year's Kick Cancer Soccer Camps are next month, and our help will be needed once again.  As supporters of this great cause we raise money each year which goes to research in finding a cure for pediatric cancer.  This year however I am asking each of you to step up in a bigger way. Last year the chapter sponsored the Milby High School girls soccer team so that each team member could attend the camps.  A few of you donated money while I put some of our chapter fund into the cause.  This year however Glenn Davis and the folks at Cure Childhood Cancer Organization have asked that instead of sponsoring a team we sponsor under privileged kids who can't afford the $55 fee to attend the camps.  It is up to you how much you donate or if you even want to, but if possible please let me know when you do.

All you have to do is go to the website (www.cccfund.org) and click on the donate button.  Once you do follow the links, and donate in $55 increments.  When you donate a box will show up where you need to place a resembling message "I am donating x amount to sponsor x amount of underprivileged kids to attend the Kick Cancer Soccer Camps.  This donation is on behalf of (your name) and the Bayou City Blues"

All donations made go directly into the 501c fund which is in turn used for pediatric cancer research.  For those of you who have been with us for awhile you will know that this charity is a big part of our chapter, and we will continue our efforts to raise money for as long as we are in existence.  For those of you who can't donate money, but would like to donate your time at the camps next month please let me know, and I will get you on the volunteers schedule.  Camp dates will be Saturday December 14h and Sunday December 15th.  As of now we have 10 different sites across the city hosting the camps.  Just let me know which one is closest to you, and I'll get your name on the board.

Thank you once again for your continued support of our charity, and for the efforts you have all made in the past.  Our goal as BCB's is to continue our support for Kick Cancer, and of course to find a cure.